DIY Denim hacks

Fringe jeans are the hottest demin trend this season making the boho style rule the jean realm. Now while this trend is incredibly cute, it is also extremely handy!

Okay so short girls this is when I’m talking to you. I myself am a 5′ 2″ girl, who always stuggles with too much length in my pants. I’m always dealing with either spending too much money on hemming them or struggling with this. Which we all know is frustrating.

So a quick little trick that I have learned this season to save my wallet and make my pants fit me is to fringe them myself! Now i know this can be risky but I promise it is easy and can be done in 5 minutes tops.

Now, start by putting on the jeans and figuring out where you want them to hit your ankles, mark that spot with chalk. From this point, take the jeans off and lay them flat on an even surface. Fold them in  half so that the legs of the pants lay flush with each other. Make sure that the fabric is completely flush and begin cutting straight across the chalk.

Once the cuts are made pull the inside light blue stitching allowing the fringe to fall out. After one wash the product will be complete. This allows us short girls to hem our jeans and fringe them in one sitting. Saving money and recycling old jeans to a new style.





The new fad for casual wear this season is distressed band t-shirts. They’re edgy, inexpensive and can even be made at home! The Kardashians ripped trend has become one of the most popular styles and a must have in every girls closet.

If you want to take on the challenge and test your creative abilities follow this DIY on how to make your own distressed band tee.

First rummage through your t-shirt drawer and find any old loose fitting band shirt, that you would have other wise thrown away. (Do NOT try this with a beloved shirt, the detachment makes this project safe if you mess up!) Take this shirt and lay it flat on a table.

Now get creative! Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut about 6 inches along the seam that runs at the bottom of the shirt. Do not cut the seam off. Pull the dangling piece until the fabric thins out and has a old torn appearance.

Once that is done, take the scissors and cut little holes that are about 1 inch in length each. Group these holes in close proximity of each other. You can make them as sporadic as you like. I would suggest placing them in a corner of the chest along the neckline, just below the shoulder, and in groups in the bottom corners of the shirt.

Take the areas that the holes have been cut into and pull, making the cuts look more organic and worn.

Lastly, I would suggest recreating the neck line of the shirt. There are a few ways that this can be done. You can either cut sporadic holes in the seam of the neckline or you can cut the entire thing off and make either an off the sholder or v-neck.

Available at Finally Boutique

Remember this is not a uniformed look, keep everything random and messy. Feel free to also drip some bleach on the shirts if your feeling a little risqué.



beauty hacks coconut oil

So instead of going to Sephora or Ulta this week for your beauty products, try your grocery store first! Here are 3 little natural remedies you can use instead.

1. Coconut oil

I will admit Coconut oil is by far my favorite natural remedy that I use on a daily basis. The benefits to this product are almost endless, and as a religious user of the product I’m hear to say it actually works! Coconut oil is a great way to remove your makeup every night. The constant use allows your eyelashes to grow, and your skin to moisturize and even out. It can also be used as a hair mask to aid with spit ends and breakage. This natural product does not contain palm oil, is not tested on animals and comes from the meat of a mature coconut. The product is inexpensive and lasts up to six months without spoiling.

2. Castor oil

This natural oil comes from pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant and has been used for generations as a natural hair grow oil. This miracle oil saved my lashes after lash extensions destroyed them. By badding less than a dimes worth of the oil on my finger tip and applying it directly on my lashes. I saw results after 10 days. The product is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, and contains 9 beneficial fatty acids. These contents allow many hair growth benefits. This product can be found at any Wholefoods.

3. Raw Agave 

This natural serum works as a great mouturizer for your hair and skin. It’s syrup like consistency locks in moisture that will get rid of frizzy hair as well as treat dry skin. Apply it to clean wet hair and skin, then wash it off only using water. This will soften your hair and skin, given both a shiny or glowing appearance. This also can be picked up in any grocery.



They’re back… and bodysuits are just as popular, if not more, than before in the 90’s. With the recent trends of 2017 having been inspired from decades past, its no surprise that the bodysuit has made a come back.

If you haven’t made a trip to any clothing stores in the past 8 months and have no idea what I’m talking about, then let me explain. A bodysuit is a leotard that snaps at the crotch. This design then allows many women to have an easy fitted tucked look with jeans or skirts for an outfit.

Now these are not for everyone. Personally, I cannot wear them because my tush does not cooperate and allow the snaps to stay secure. But, a girl can dream!

Bodysuits are a great way to have a backless shirt look that fits like a glove! Creating a dress like appearance when matched with the perfect skirt.

Bodysuits are also designed great for the bustier girls. The tighter fit design allows the more well endowed woman’s chest to stay in place with a plunged neckline becuase of the snugger fit. Allowing them to comfortably and securely show off what they’re working with.

In the picture below this demonstrates how a bodysuit can help the tucked look seem more effective. The plunge neck line and the looser fitting bodest would make this look impossible to easy tuck in without loosing the look of the shirt. The tighter bottom that is hidden underneath the shorts allows this look to hit the pantline without the two colliding and ruinning the look!

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Distressed clothes are taking over the fashion world this spring. Almost everything is full of rips and tears… and I love it! Now if you’ve ever rocked this look before I’m sure you have heard, ‘And you paid money for that?’.

Well I’m hear to tell all those nay sayers to give it a try. If you can’t beat em’, then join em’, right? Well this spring you can’t beat it, there’s something for everyone.

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The unavoidable trend has made an appearance in almost every clothing line this spring, but unlike the past, this trend has hit every article of clothing possible. Now instead of only jeans being ripped, you can go out and buy ripped sweatsuits, ripped shirts, and even ripped leggings.

So how do you wear it? Anyway you want. It can be worn by little kids, older adults, and anyone in between. If you want to release your inner rocker, you can pair a ripped band t-shirt with a pair of your choice jeans, and biker boots.

Ripped sweaters with a layered tank can move the trend into the colder days, keeping you both warm and fashionable at the same time. Ripped sweat pants make you look stylish and put together, even when you barely wanted to get out of bed.

Get the Look: Distressed dress

The trend has come back with a vengeance to make everyone love it!








Okay guys so, I don’t know about you but I occasionally hate wearing jeans. The thought of squeezing myself into their denim confines is just so daunting some days. Whether your bloated, gained a few pounds, or just want a lazy day, we all still can’t go to the bar or events in our sweat pants (even though we’ve all thought of it!). So to avoid wearing those sn

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ug jeans, trade them in for a romper.

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If you don’t know what a romper is, it’s this great clothing invention that is like a dress with shorts, and they’re all the rage this season!  Typically, the shorts and bodice are flowy with a cinched waist, creating an hour glass figure and elongating your legs.

These great must have pieces are no brainers for any occasion. Rompers can be worn for casual everyday life when paired with a cute set of sneakers or sandals, but also can be dressed up with a sleek pair of boots or heals, quickly preparing you for any night out on the town. They have many designs that are created to compliment women’s bodies to be simple yet sexy.finally_logo


Kim at the MTV Music Awards 2016, layering gold chains

The key to mastering this year’s accessory trend, layering up! No, of course I don’t mean clothes, I’m talking about necklaces. The more the merrier! The styles and trends that are hot this season are full of fun breezy looks. So it’s easy to say the best way to accentuate all of those playful carefree styles is with a lot of jewelry.

Mix and match your necklaces. Different styles and lengths make for a more interesting look, and can diversify the outfit, giving it a more personal touch. I love pairing a t-shirt with a choker, a collarbone necklace, and a pendent. Layering the necklaces pulls the attention to your neck and allows it to look elegant and long.

Paris Fashion Week 2016, combination of four chokers


High neck line shirt? No problem, just layer chokers together and fearlessly push your comfort zone! Fashion icon Kim Kardashian has been seen pushing the limits with this trend. Her effortless outfits are given that extra fashionable edge, when matched with her neck décor. This sexy trend allows for all women to add some flair to ay top or dress.


Ever in a rush and don’t have time to layer your necklaces? Well, a little trick to rocking this look that will save you time is to have a wrap choker or a multilayered necklace. These great inventions allow for girls to achieve that sexy layered look in one piece of jewelry. Saving us time, making these accessories no brainers to adding a glamorous touch to any outfit

FullSizeRender 2
Necklace available:



Shine Bright


Highlighter, the new makeup obsession that makes men and women ‘shine bright like a diamond’. This relatively new trend on the makeup scene has everyone falling in love.7712f2b3b0438f1721f12cd23fdc052a1

Highlighter can come in many forms from cream to powder, and is used exactly how the name entails, to highlight. This new makeup phenomenon highlights your favorite features on your face. Now don’t go over board and just cover your whole face, use it strategically.
First, highlighter should be the last step in your makeup regime. Apply, your foundation and contour, then apply your highlighter. Think of it as the finishing touches to your look.

When applying your highlighter you can use a fanned brush to apply the powdered form, and a beauty blender (sponge) to apply the cream form. When using cream highlighter, use your beauty blender to camouflage the highlighter in, to appear apart of the skin.

Highlighter enhances or draws attention to features on your face that you would like to bring forward. Apply the highlighter to the high cheek bone area, the bridge of the nose, and the tear duct of the eye.unknown1.jpeg

Let your highlighter brighten your day and night, and arrive to shine.

Rihanna photo



How to Wing Eyeliner!

Winged eyeliner, the beloved, yet tricky look eludes many on how to get that perfect sharp wing. But I’m here to tell you a couple tricks of how to perfect this classic look.

Now I get it, this is a completely frustrating task but when you get it right, it can become a complete game changer to your makeup look. My first tip to approaching this task would be to give yourself time. If you rush, you will mess up. Take your time and steady your hand.

Makeup Geek Link

My second bit of advise, use the right utensils. I prefer a felt tip ink liner, such as the Sephora Collection ‘Classic Line 24HR Felt Eyeliner’ for $12. The pointed felt tip allows for a more precise line allowing you to draw on your eye with precision. If you prefer a crayon eyeliner, I suggest that before attempting this look to sharpen the crayon. The sharper the point the better, this look consists of many clean lines.

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Lastly, the key to succeeding this perfect winged look is to take a piece of tape and place it from the end corner of your and lead it to the end tip of your eye brow. Make sure to cleanly press the tape to your skin. Now that you have done this, proceed to draw your wing. The tape allows for you to carelessly draw over it and still achieve that clean winged eye.

Once done drawing the wing, remove the tape and vualá, you now have a clean wing that could cut!