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Fringe jeans are the hottest demin trend this season making the boho style rule the jean realm. Now while this trend is incredibly cute, it is also extremely handy!

Okay so short girls this is when I’m talking to you. I myself am a 5′ 2″ girl, who always stuggles with too much length in my pants. I’m always dealing with either spending too much money on hemming them or struggling with this. Which we all know is frustrating.

So a quick little trick that I have learned this season to save my wallet and make my pants fit me is to fringe them myself! Now i know this can be risky but I promise it is easy and can be done in 5 minutes tops.

Now, start by putting on the jeans and figuring out where you want them to hit your ankles, mark that spot with chalk. From this point, take the jeans off and lay them flat on an even surface. Fold them in  half so that the legs of the pants lay flush with each other. Make sure that the fabric is completely flush and begin cutting straight across the chalk.

Once the cuts are made pull the inside light blue stitching allowing the fringe to fall out. After one wash the product will be complete. This allows us short girls to hem our jeans and fringe them in one sitting. Saving money and recycling old jeans to a new style.




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