So instead of going to Sephora or Ulta this week for your beauty products, try your grocery store first! Here are 3 little natural remedies you can use instead.

1. Coconut oil

I will admit Coconut oil is by far my favorite natural remedy that I use on a daily basis. The benefits to this product are almost endless, and as a religious user of the product I’m hear to say it actually works! Coconut oil is a great way to remove your makeup every night. The constant use allows your eyelashes to grow, and your skin to moisturize and even out. It can also be used as a hair mask to aid with spit ends and breakage. This natural product does not contain palm oil, is not tested on animals and comes from the meat of a mature coconut. The product is inexpensive and lasts up to six months without spoiling.

2. Castor oil

This natural oil comes from pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant and has been used for generations as a natural hair grow oil. This miracle oil saved my lashes after lash extensions destroyed them. By badding less than a dimes worth of the oil on my finger tip and applying it directly on my lashes. I saw results after 10 days. The product is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, and contains 9 beneficial fatty acids. These contents allow many hair growth benefits. This product can be found at any Wholefoods.

3. Raw Agave 

This natural serum works as a great mouturizer for your hair and skin. It’s syrup like consistency locks in moisture that will get rid of frizzy hair as well as treat dry skin. Apply it to clean wet hair and skin, then wash it off only using water. This will soften your hair and skin, given both a shiny or glowing appearance. This also can be picked up in any grocery.