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Distressed clothes are taking over the fashion world this spring. Almost everything is full of rips and tears… and I love it! Now if you’ve ever rocked this look before I’m sure you have heard, ‘And you paid money for that?’.

Well I’m hear to tell all those nay sayers to give it a try. If you can’t beat em’, then join em’, right? Well this spring you can’t beat it, there’s something for everyone.

Get the Look: www.shopfinally.com

The unavoidable trend has made an appearance in almost every clothing line this spring, but unlike the past, this trend has hit every article of clothing possible. Now instead of only jeans being ripped, you can go out and buy ripped sweatsuits, ripped shirts, and even ripped leggings.

So how do you wear it? Anyway you want. It can be worn by little kids, older adults, and anyone in between. If you want to release your inner rocker, you can pair a ripped band t-shirt with a pair of your choice jeans, and biker boots.

Ripped sweaters with a layered tank can move the trend into the colder days, keeping you both warm and fashionable at the same time. Ripped sweat pants make you look stylish and put together, even when you barely wanted to get out of bed.

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The trend has come back with a vengeance to make everyone love it!