Winged eyeliner, the beloved, yet tricky look eludes many on how to get that perfect sharp wing. But I’m here to tell you a couple tricks of how to perfect this classic look.

Now I get it, this is a completely frustrating task but when you get it right, it can become a complete game changer to your makeup look. My first tip to approaching this task would be to give yourself time. If you rush, you will mess up. Take your time and steady your hand.

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My second bit of advise, use the right utensils. I prefer a felt tip ink liner, such as the Sephora Collection ‘Classic Line 24HR Felt Eyeliner’ for $12. The pointed felt tip allows for a more precise line allowing you to draw on your eye with precision. If you prefer a crayon eyeliner, I suggest that before attempting this look to sharpen the crayon. The sharper the point the better, this look consists of many clean lines.

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Lastly, the key to succeeding this perfect winged look is to take a piece of tape and place it from the end corner of your and lead it to the end tip of your eye brow. Make sure to cleanly press the tape to your skin. Now that you have done this, proceed to draw your wing. The tape allows for you to carelessly draw over it and still achieve that clean winged eye.

Once done drawing the wing, remove the tape and vualá, you now have a clean wing that could cut!