Kim at the MTV Music Awards 2016, layering gold chains

The key to mastering this year’s accessory trend, layering up! No, of course I don’t mean clothes, I’m talking about necklaces. The more the merrier! The styles and trends that are hot this season are full of fun breezy looks. So it’s easy to say the best way to accentuate all of those playful carefree styles is with a lot of jewelry.

Mix and match your necklaces. Different styles and lengths make for a more interesting look, and can diversify the outfit, giving it a more personal touch. I love pairing a t-shirt with a choker, a collarbone necklace, and a pendent. Layering the necklaces pulls the attention to your neck and allows it to look elegant and long.

Paris Fashion Week 2016, combination of four chokers


High neck line shirt? No problem, just layer chokers together and fearlessly push your comfort zone! Fashion icon Kim Kardashian has been seen pushing the limits with this trend. Her effortless outfits are given that extra fashionable edge, when matched with her neck décor. This sexy trend allows for all women to add some flair to ay top or dress.


Ever in a rush and don’t have time to layer your necklaces? Well, a little trick to rocking this look that will save you time is to have a wrap choker or a multilayered necklace. These great inventions allow for girls to achieve that sexy layered look in one piece of jewelry. Saving us time, making these accessories no brainers to adding a glamorous touch to any outfit

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