Highlighter, the new makeup obsession that makes men and women ‘shine bright like a diamond’. This relatively new trend on the makeup scene has everyone falling in love.7712f2b3b0438f1721f12cd23fdc052a1

Highlighter can come in many forms from cream to powder, and is used exactly how the name entails, to highlight. This new makeup phenomenon highlights your favorite features on your face. Now don’t go over board and just cover your whole face, use it strategically.
First, highlighter should be the last step in your makeup regime. Apply, your foundation and contour, then apply your highlighter. Think of it as the finishing touches to your look.

When applying your highlighter you can use a fanned brush to apply the powdered form, and a beauty blender (sponge) to apply the cream form. When using cream highlighter, use your beauty blender to camouflage the highlighter in, to appear apart of the skin.

Highlighter enhances or draws attention to features on your face that you would like to bring forward. Apply the highlighter to the high cheek bone area, the bridge of the nose, and the tear duct of the eye.unknown1.jpeg

Let your highlighter brighten your day and night, and arrive to shine.

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