They’re back…

…and bodysuits are just as popular, if not more, than before in the 90’s. With the recent trends of 2017 having been inspired from decades past, its no surprise that the bodysuit has made a come back.

If you haven’t made a trip to any clothing stores in the past 8 months and have no idea what I’m talking about, then let me explain. A bodysuit is a leotard that snaps at the crotch. This design then allows many women to have an easy fitted tucked look with jeans or skirts for an outfit.

Now these are not for everyone. Personally, I cannot wear them because my tush does not cooperate and allow the snaps to stay secure. But, a girl can dream!

Bodysuits are a great way to have a backless shirt look that fits like a glove! Creating a dress like appearance when matched with the perfect skirt.

Bodysuits are also designed great for the bustier girls. The tighter fit design allows the more well endowed woman’s chest to stay in place with a plunged neckline becuase of the snugger fit. Allowing them to comfortably and securely show off what they’re working with.

In the picture below this demonstrates how a bodysuit can help the tucked look seem more effective. The plunge neck line and the looser fitting bodest would make this look impossible to easy tuck in without loosing the look of the shirt. The tighter bottom that is hidden underneath the shorts allows this look to hit the pantline without the two colliding and ruinning the look!

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